+ V I V I O . A F R O B E A T S

I’ll keep this quick:

Here is a selection of Afrobeats I’ve had on heavy rotation this year (and edit most of my photos to).

Keen ‘Afrobeats connoisseurs’ will tell you a lot of hits are missing and they are right. However, I have chosen the songs based on how they sound sonically together, rather than general popularity.

So if you commit to listening to this, I’d advise not hitting that shuffle button and letting them ring out one after another.

P.S. If you’re loving any songs you think should be on this playlist, comment below and i’ll get adding =)

+ W A L K S

I am such a creature of comfort that having most of the tail end of 2018 off work provided me with perfect opportunity to just sleep right into through to the new year… instead, I spent most of it up and about walking.

Walking is one of those activities thats always been of little interest to me mostly because the thought of walking long distances without a tangible destination or goal seemed very unrewarding to me, mainly because I never did that growing up in Zambia, it just isn’t a cultural norm there.

However, within the space of a week, I have grown to appreciate the activity and friends who can not only organise good manageable walks, but sell them to me!

I found myself appreciating the little things, from those I am with to the colours and sounds around me. Such has been my enjoyment of being out surrounded by ‘the elements’ that making walking a more a regular fixture in my life feels inevitable.

Below, you’ll find a few photos from a recent walk with some great friends around Grenoside Woods. Enjoy and excuse the chromatic aberration on a few of them. If you don’t know what that is, you are truly blessed x